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RIB Index: enabling you to maximise performance

The RIB Index is a web-based benchmarking tool that enables professional recruitment companies to benchmark their performance against their peers. Using key, industry specific business measurements, it is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the recruitment business.

RIB membership provides your recruitment consultancy with true market leading comparisons - vital in the modern business environment - far ahead of anything that internal or informal measurement can provide.
Marginal Management
"Where are you compared
to last year?"
V/S Benchmarking
"Where are you compared to the market leaders?"
Which of these would you rather measure yourself against...

- To identify opportunities for real business improvement
- To give a true measure of business performance and value
- To provide the best returns
- How does your company compare?

Membership provides a deeper understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in your business and will help you make informed strategic decisions that deliver maximum benefit to your bottom line.

Our membership is made up of a broad cross section of the recruitment industry, representing all shapes and sizes of companies. It′s no coincidence however that our members have won numerous awards in the recruitment industry and also in the wider business environment. The knowledge they gain through the RIB Index enables them to stay ahead of the competition.

This is how it works.
Each month members input their operational information via our secure website. This information is then processed into bespoke reports which are available to members within a matter of days. The process is completely confidential and is quick and easy to use.

Two types of reports are available to members:-
  • the Monthly Index Report - this benchmarks your performance against other RIB members for the month in question; and
  • the Historical Analysis Report - this charts your performance over a period of time enabling you to see your improvement at a glance
Sector specific reports are also available at no extra cost

The quality of the information provided, together with the frequency and immediacy of the reports, ensures that the RIB Index provides the key answers members need to:
  • identify strengths and weaknesses in their performance based on real information on what is happening in the marketplace — now!
  • quickly implement informed strategic decisions to drive improved business performance and meet the challenges of the dynamic recruitment marketplace
RIB Induction & Mentors - added value all part of the service
RIB staff members are always available to answer any questions that members may have and a member of staff will take all new members through a quick and simple induction.

In addition, to ensure companies get the most value from their reports all new members are able to review their initial results with a RIB Mentor. RIB Mentors are recognised industry professionals who not only ensure your inputs are correct, but also discuss the reports′ results with you highlighting areas where value may be added to your company

Joining RIB Index couldn't be simpler, just register here.

"RIB is extremely important for us in identifying our strengths and weaknesses and helping to shape management decisions. Whilst all the criteria are relevant, we closely monitor half a dozen and ensure that these results are communicated with the branch managers enabling specific action to be taken, I strongly recommend RIB."
Richard Ashley - Managing Director, BPOSS

"RIB is a key part of our reporting cycle; we include the reports in our monthly board pack under strategy. To be frank, anyone running a professional recruitment business is not really doing their job properly if they do not know how they are performing against their direct competitors and the industry as a whole. RIB provides this information."
Julian Harley - Chief Executive Officer, Shorterm Engineers

"Inputting information is simple and quick and for just 10 minutes each month we get really crucial information telling us how we have performed against our competitors - time very well spent."
Lyn Cecil - Managing Director, Secretaries PlusS

"RIB has highlighted a number of valuable measurements which we had not previously noted and, as a result, we have been able to concentrate efforts on issues that have a definite benefit to our bottom line."
Simon Whittington - Managing Director, Quest Search and Selection

"RIB offers me an unrivalled level of customer service. Their friendly staff are readily available to ensure the whole process is very quick, simple and user friendly."
Atle Willems - Managing Director, Freedom Recruitment Ltd