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RIB is proud to have forged close working affiliations with a number of companies that we feel offer exceptional service to recruitment professionals through their proven expertise in the recruitment industry.

These highly respected organisations endorse the value RIB membership brings to recruitment companies.

"Our involvement with the RIB further highlights our commitment to the recruitment sector. We work with recruitment businesses across London and we know that our customers and other members can benefit greatly from the analysis provided, using the information to benchmark success and look at ways to improve on performance."
Roger Tivey, Senior Manager, Commercial Banking, London, RBS Group

"Our experience shows that organisations that proactively manage and benchmark their performance, achieve superior performance. The analysis of recruitment industry performance which RIB provides can help its members directly compare themselves to peers in their industry with measures that are specific to the success of organisational performance."
Christopher Clark, Partner, BDO

"Understanding your market and maintaining your distinctiveness is vital to successful growth. RIB is a valuable information source for anyone within the recruitment sector to benchmark their performance."
Gerard Burke, BGP Director

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The Royal Bank of Scotland understands that the recruitment industry does not stand still. Its complex and rapidly changing nature means that agencies need a financial partner with the expertise to understand the different issues and the flexibility to adapt.

That′s what makes us at The Royal Bank of Scotland the ideal partner for recruitment agencies. We have worked with small independent specialists and nationwide chains over the years and so can offer a range of specialist services.

With over 30 years' banking experience, Roger Tivey leads the recruitment team in London to provide customers with a committed and personal service as well as the financial strength of the UK's largest corporate bank.

We can provide tailored solutions that encompass a full range of every day banking services for recruitment businesses across the UK, including Invoice Finance, standby overdrafts, funding and attractive deposit rates. We work closely with our business partners within the Bank, such as RBS Invoice Finance and Lombard, the asset finance arm, to provide a comprehensive service to customers to meet their exact financial needs.

To discover more about how RBS can work with you, or to arrange an initial discussion or a meeting, please contact:

RIB Contact: Roger Tivey, Senior Manager, Commercial Banking London
Phone: 0207 427 8841

BDO specialises in helping businesses, whether start-ups or multinationals, to achieve their goals. Through our own professional expertise and by working directly with organisations, we've developed a robust understanding of the factors that govern business growth. Our objective is to use this to help our clients maximise their potential.

Our experience in the recruitment sector extends across all our services and our focus and commitment to helping recruitment clients is demonstrated in the number of clients we have helped achieve their business aspirations

Through our own professional expertise and by working directly with organisations, we have developed a robust understanding of the factors that govern business growth. We have a partner-led approach, which delivers the highest quality of service by using short, functional chains of communications to aid decision-making. Clients benefit from our fresh thinking, constructive challenge and practical understanding of the issues they face. Developing strong, personal relationships with our clients is at the forefront of our service approach.

RIB Contact: Christopher Clark, Partner
Phone: 020 7893 2395

The Business Growth and Development Programme (BGP) at Cranfield is the UK's leading programme for ambitious owner managers. BGP is 20 years old in 2008 and, during that time, we've helped over 1,000 ambitious owner managers to create the future they want for their businesses and themselves. Businesses that participate in BGP grow sales and profits more quickly than their peers and faster after the programme than they did before. Many recruitment businesses have participated in BGP and gone on to great success including PFJ, Witan Jardine and Quest Search & Selection. To learn more about how BGP works and the benefits you could realise, visit our website and register for one of our FREE briefing events.

RIB Contact: Gerard Burke, BGP Director
Phone: 01234 754880

Blake Lapthorn is a law firm and leading recruitment sector adviser in the UK, Europe and beyond. The recruitment group delivers proactive and user friendly advice on regulation, tax regimes and the employment rights of temporary, contract agency workers and consultants, and to head-hunters and other agencies specialising in placing permanent staff. Lead advice on the legal, tax, commercial and VAT aspects of outsourcing the procurement and management of resource by major institutions is also available.

RIB Contact: Kevin Barrow, Partner
Phone: 020 7405 2000

ETZ Timesheet Solutions internet based software, Timesheet Process Manager (TPM), has been saving recruitment agencies both time and money and streamlining the timesheet-to-invoice process successfully in a number of agencies across all sectors throughout the UK and Australia. TPM is designed to work with existing payroll and billing software and currently supports some of the leading names in the industry including Oxford Software′s Tempaid, Aspire and Sage accounting software.

RIB Contact: Nick Woodward, Managing Director
Phone: 0870 460 2698, 07973 623 147

Absolutely Business is a specialist management and training consultancy that exclusively helps recruitment business owners improve performance and maximise potential sales, profits and value. The training offered is bespoke, logical and experience-based and impacts individuals, teams and the bottom line through improving and maximising sales potential, recruitment performance, management performance and business performance.

RIB Contact: Denise Walker, Managing Director
Phone: 0118 982 1535, 07900 266179

Lowmanbrown Limited provides a comprehensive service to business owners enabling them to maximise value on the sale of their business. We work to a tried and proven process supporting business owners to prepare the business for immediate sale or provide support in the medium term to create additional value prior to sale. Our proactive support will ensure value is maximised on sale.

Exit Planning - Working confidentially with the business Owner(s) to develop an exit plan that will add significant value at the time of sale. Providing ongoing support to the Owner(s) to maintain focus and to handle the challenges that arise in preparing a business for sale in the medium term.

Selling the business for maximum value - We undertake a detailed evaluation of the business relative to its preparedness for sale with full feedback and advice on short term actions to increase value now. Alongside this we provide a comprehensive valuation ensuring that maximum value is achieved. The next step is to collect and review all the key documents and financial data. From this we achieve two key outcomes - a strong Information Memorandum and readying the business for due diligence by the buyer.

Following sign off of the IM we proactively identify and validate potential buyers then make contact to shortlist those that offer the greatest likelihood to optimize value and proceed quickly. We prepare owners for and support them fully during the negotiation process and the all important completion process.

Whether the business is for sale immediately or in the medium term all potential clients receive a 'no obligation' valuation of their business.

RIB Contact: Peter Lowman, Managing Director
Phone: 020 3145 0600

Whitewater Training and Consultancy understands that the recruitment industry is increasingly under margin pressure and as a result has specialized in delivering bespoke and innovative training to thousands of Recruitment Consultants on Negotiation skills; this has yielded data verifiable gains in the millions to those companies concerned.

Whitewater has also delivered bespoke packages nationally and internationally including People Management, Sales and Motivation, to companies spanning Media, Publishing, Music, FMCG, Corporate Finance, Private Equity, Travel, Utilities and many more. This exposure to a variety of environments ensures that the content and style is commercially up to date, diverse and always developing. The Whitewater business has built an enviable reputation for being able to positively influence businesses as a whole, and help individuals within them, to reach greater heights and achieve enhanced results.

RIB Contact: David McClements
Phone: 01483 569619, 07976 607653

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