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"As a company committed to best practice, Allegis Group finds membership of RIB crucial in providing immediate and real information about the marketplace. In particular the sector specific reports, utilised as part of our regular reporting cycle, enables management to concentrate on key areas for improvement and competitive advantage."
Sean Beavis - Finance Director, Allegis Group

"RIB is extremely important for us in identifying our strengths and weaknesses and helping to shape management decisions. Whilst all the criteria are relevant, we closely monitor half a dozen and ensure that these results are communicated with the branch managers enabling specific action to be taken, I strongly recommend RIB."
Richard Ashley - Managing Director, BPOSS

"RIB offers me an unrivalled level of customer service. Their friendly staff are readily available to ensure the whole process is very quick, simple and user friendly."

"The RIB data offers a monthly, crucial view outside of the box, assisting me in fine-tuning our financial targets. We have now incorporated the RIB data into our monthly reports as a true measure of relative performance."
Atle Willems - Managing Director, Freedom Recruitment Ltd

"We saved £250,000 by acting on just one insight provided by our RIB reports."

"RIB enabled us to see just how bloated we were with non fee-earning people, and how much this was impacting on profitability. That one insight not only enabled us to make a huge impact on our operating margin, it was also part of our becoming a happier, more stable, and more successful business."

"We find RIB invaluable in providing monthly up to date information enabling us to track key criteria, including turnover, gross profit, margins and staff costs, against our peers. It helps to answer the big questions that haunt anyone running a business."
Richard Grace - Managing Director, Gordon Yates Ltd

"The RIB Index has helped us to focus on our KPI′s to drive our business and make a significant difference to our bottom line. The RIB measurements aid us in knowing what is driving our business behind the monthly accounting figures."
Charlotte Mullen - Director and Chair of REC R2R Exec Committee, The Graduate Recruitment Company

"We have found the information hugely useful; it has facilitated several commercial initiatives that have been easier to communicate to staff through the clear concise evidence provided by RIB. I would thoroughly recommend the RIB Index to other forward thinking organisations as a cost effective method to understand performance against the market place."
Tim Smeaton - Chief Operating Officer, Hydrogen Group

"JPA has found the RIB index of significant importance in helping management streamline its business by clarifying areas of improvement when compared to competitors, providing real results. Our specialist sector report has enabled us to make sure we stay abreast of our competition."
James Pritchard - Managing Director JPA Group and REC London Regional Director

"We recently successfully marketed and sold our recruitment business. There is no doubt that our RIB data proved a valuable, objective measurement of our success and helped to attract potential acquirers. We are convinced that it help us focus on improving KPIs prior to marketing the business, and provided solid evidence of our achievement of those KPIs against external competitors. We would unreservedly recommend RIB as a crucial management tool to anyone who wants to improve their performance and/or groom themselves for successful exit."
Mark Farris - Managing Director, Judd Farris Ltd

"As a growing company, membership of RIB has proven to be invaluable in enabling us to quantify if our performance is representative of general market trends or due to an increase in market share. RIB enables us to establish targets that deliver real benefits to our bottom line - essential for our development."
Sunil Duggal - Managing Director, Just IT Recruitment Ltd

"The RIB report is real information right now about issues critical to the running of a recruitment business, this alone makes RIB a winner for us."
Mike Rowe - Managing Director, MAS Recruitment Ltd

"The RIB reports are in-valuable as the only independent and genuine information source that can highlight how we are performing on an industry wide perspective. They are reviewed in our monthly Board Reports enabling us to derive real benefits in many ways."
Paul Farrer - Chairman, Phee Farrer Jones

"RIB helped us recognise that our rebates were higher than the Median. We therefore focused on this area of our business and were able to reduce our rebates by 70% across a 4 month period, with very definite benefit to our bottom line."
Chris Chandler - Managing Director, Phee Farrer Jones

"Our sector report has proved to be particularly valuable in enabling us to assess how we perform in key areas compared to our immediate competitors. This has identified both positive areas and areas for improvement, vital in the management of the company."

"As a result of regularly tracking certain criteria, we addressed a couple of key issues for our business and are already starting to see the real benefits of this. For any business that is looking to have a real grasp on how they are performing in relation to their competitors, the RIB Index provides a unique and valuable service."
Olivia Yost - Director, Poolia

"RIB has highlighted a number of valuable measurements which we had not previously noted and, as a result, we have been able to concentrate efforts on issues that have a definite benefit to our bottom line."
Simon Whittington - Managing Director, Quest Search and Selection

"Inputting information is simple and quick and for just 10 minutes each month we get really crucial information telling us how we have performed against our competitors - time very well spent."
Lyn Cecil - Managing Director, Secretaries Plus

"RIB is a key part of our reporting cycle; we include the reports in our monthly board pack under strategy. To be frank, anyone running a professional recruitment business is not really doing their job properly if they do not know how they are performing against their direct competitors and the industry as a whole. RIB provides this information."
Julian Harley - Chief Executive Officer, Shorterm Engineers

"Witan Jardine are founder members of RIB and our membership has brought us numerous tangible benefits. The reports form part of our regular management cycle and help us shape our decisions, put our achievements into context and understand whether our experiences are isolated or part of wider trends. The ability to routinely benchmark against our peers is very important to our future development."

"Our RIB reports highlighted that our higher than average spend on training bore little relevance to our fee-earners productivity. Improvements to the way we identified and delivered upon training needs and monitored its effectiveness resulted in greater productivity for fee-earners and trainers alike."
Stephen Perrin - Finance Director, Witan Jardine

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